Cherry Street Books

Oct 10 – Book Talk and Signing by Bob Downes

Tuesday • 7pm
We are excited to host a talk/video presentation and book signing by Robert Downes, who will be here Tuesday October 10th beginning at 7 PM. His historical fiction book, Windigo Moon, is an early look at the story of Native Americans in the Upper Great Lakes region and their way of life over 400 years ago. The Ojibwe (also known as Chippewa) were one of the largest and most powerful tribes in North America and were never conquered by the white European invaders, yet few fiction books have been written about them. The novel begins 27 years before the Ojibwe met the first white explorer at a time when the tribe was still living in the conditions of the Neolithic Age. Although there is virtually no written record of Ojibwe life at that time, Downes did extensive reading and research that enabled him to piece together information from the oral tradition and histories that were written in the 1800s. Downes included as much anecdotal history as he could in the story, even though it is completely a work of fiction about people banding together during tough times. He hopes to show that the tales of the Native Americans are as rich as today’s popular fiction such as Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings. The stories are made even more remarkable in that the people actually lived these stories only a handful of generations ago in our region of the country. Downes is sure to provide a very interesting evening and we hope you’ll be here to enjoy it! Books should arrive in the store by early October. Listen to KXRA’s Open Line program on Friday October 6th to hear a live interview with the author from his home in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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