Cherry Street Books

Dec 2 – Booksigning by author Kiersten Hall

Saturday • noon–2pm
Kiersten Hall will be here to regale us with amusing stories and share her books, I Do and Corner Confessions. Her stories in the first book come from years of work as a wedding photographer and all the funny and outrageous things that can happen at weddings and the accompanying festivities. The other book is full of amazing stories people have told her or others; it is surprising how much people really want to “confess” their stories to a stranger. Kiersten appeared on KXRA’s Open Line program in June when she happened to be in town; please ask her about the on-air confession that came in from a caller while she was in the studio. It is truly an amazing one!! She will be very entertaining and you may know just the right person (maybe it’s you) who would enjoy the humor in her books.

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