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  • New books! New Merchandise! October 28, 2017 Kathleen

    In October I attended the annual Fall Forum sponsored by the Midwest Independent Booksellers Assn. and the Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Assn. in Chicago. It is always exciting to participate in these sessions and get the chance to meet many authors and hear about the publisher reps’ favorite upcoming titles. I brought home lots of books that I am eager to read but I’m not sure how I’ll find time for all of them. Isn’t that always the problem with those of us who love to read? 
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  • Montana Reunion September 14, 2017 Kathleen

    I just returned from a quick visit to Whitefish, Montana. I was there to attend the 50th reunion of Lake McDonald Lodge (Glacier National Park) employees from the mid-60’s to early 70’s. It was a fabulous place to work during the four summers I spent there and I was privileged to work with many terrific college-age students from all over the country. Reunion attendees were there from India, Australia and Brazil as well as all over the US. It was a very special group of friends at the time, and I enjoyed seeing them all again. I must admit that after 50 years with no communication between us, I didn’t remember some of them at all, but we did have a great time sharing memories.
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  • Booksignings September 14, 2017 Kathleen

    We had a great time on September 2nd with two wonderful authors who have been with us several times. Tim Jollymore has three novels and a book of short stories. William Kent Krueger was here with his new mystery novel called Sulfur Springs.


  • Great summer – lots of events! August 14, 2017 Kathleen

    We have just received our 2018 Minnesota Weather Guide / Environment Calendar and Almanac. This year we ordered both the wall calendar ($17.95) and the spiral bound engagement calendar ($19.95). Those of you who like to get your lives in order well in advance might want to pick one of them up now.
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  • Remember Us! July 21, 2017 Kathleen

    After a slow winter, summer has given us a good little boost. As more and more shopping is done on-line, please remember that your local independent retailers need your business and in fact, depend on it for their continued survival! That includes Cherry Street Books.

    Please come in for some of our special events this summer and early fall. We love to see you and it’s always fun with more smiling faces here filling the place. Enjoy the rest of the summer – it’s going way too fast!

  • 10-year Anniversary! June 2, 2017 Kathleen

    Ten years! Time really does fly and we’re still having fun. My sincere gratitude to all those who have become our loyal customers and friends through the years. It has been wonderful getting to know so many new people and share our reading likes and dislikes Kids who started out as toddlers at Saturday morning story times are now eager young readers and well into their school years. Some of our staff have moved on to other jobs or moved out of town, but Lee, Christine and Mike have been here along with me nearly since day one. I appreciate their hard work, loyalty and expertise every day and I know you do too. Anne has been our latest addition and we are so glad to have her with us! My granddaughter, Emma was just seven years old the day we opened (6/23/07) and she spent the whole day here helping out. Now she’s a fine young woman of seventeen and still helping out when she can find the time in her busy life.
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  • Good reading April 28, 2017 Kathleen

    I’ve been doing some good reading lately and have several titles I’d recommend if you are looking for your next book:
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  • Spring and Family March 24, 2017 Kathleen

    I’m writing this on St. Patrick’s Day and am decked out in a nice Irish green blouse and green plaid socks to celebrate. I still miss my Irish grandma, even though she died over 50 years ago while I was still in my teens. I have visited the little town in Ireland where she grew up and hope to be there again this summer. I’m sure glad she was bold enough to leave Ireland on her own and was able to come to the United States when things weren’t going so well for her in Ireland. She met my English grandfather in Chicago, where she was working, married him and came back to Minnesota with him on the train to meet the five children he already had! Continue reading →

  • Florida and Books for Winter January 31, 2017 Kathleen

    Hurray, we made it through January! The days are getting longer and I love having more light in the late afternoon / evening. It would be nice to get a little snow to refresh our dingy landscapes and cover up all the crusty, dirty snow that remains. I was able to get away for a little break in Florida this month and spent some time on my birthday huddled in an interior bathroom at my son’s house because of tornado warnings! That was a first. His nearly-three-year-old daughter is big into the “why” questions now and she repeatedly questioned us as to why we were all sitting in the bathroom together. She knows about hurricanes, not tornadoes. Sophie loves being read to; she now lines her dolls up and reads (recites) to them many stories and rhymes she has memorized just from hearing them repeatedly. 
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