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“Indie Bookstores Are Back, With a Passion” was the title of a recent New York Times article. In it they reported that the American Booksellers Association says the number of indie stores is up 30% since 2009 and that sales at indies were up 10% last year. Let’s keep the trend going in this direction……you can help by shopping often at Cherry Street Books!


Project Bookshelf

We are cooperating with AAUW for their Project Bookshelf collection of books to be distributed through the local Jingle Bells program again this year. Beginning November 17th, we will have a basket out in the store for your book donations for kids (all ages). We will offer 20% discount on books purchased that you are donating to the project. If you wish to purchase books in advance of that date to take with you to the evening kick-off social, please just let us know you are buying for Project Bookshelf so we can extend the discount for you. Thank you for your generosity in making sure kids get books for Christmas!



  • Story Time – Saturday mornings at 10am

    Saturday mornings are exciting times at Cherry Street! Kids are invited for story time with Lee every Saturday at 10AM; it’s free and open to all. Geared for kids ages 2–5, there are always fun stories, activities and surprises.

  • Nov 11 – Booksigning by author Paul Sailer

    Friday, November 11th • 11am–1pm
    We are hosting a book signing by author Paul Sailer tomorrow! Paul writes excellent books on WWII history; his first title was The Oranges Are Sweet and now he has come out with I Had A Comrade. The 11th is Veterans’ Day of course, so this is a perfect time to hear some of these stories. Paul has interviewed combat Veterans about their own stories and in other cases he has talked to family and friends about the stories they have been told by a special WWII Veteran they know. Please tune in to KXRA – 1490 AM radio to hear a conversation with Paul at 9:30 Friday morning, and then come on in to the store to meet him. There is an excellent article about Paul and his book in this month’s “Sr. Perspective” newspaper you might like to check out. It is free and available in many places around town to pick up, including Cherry Street Books! This would be a wonderful gift book for any WWII history buffs you know.

  • Nov 19 – Booksigning by author James Mohs

    Saturday, November 19th • noon–2pm
    James is a mystery writer; his earlier book was The Fed Man and this new one has the intriguing title of A Rabbi, a Lady and a Gun. The story is of a Viet Nam veteran who is still haunted by two incidents during the war even after more than 40 years since his discharge from service. He meets a younger female Desert Storm veteran at a post traumatic stress clinic; they are both asked by the FBI to assist in the apprehension of two felons and the rescue of two hostages. It is during the pursuit through the Beartooth Mountains that they are forced to confront past personal fears and struggles. Dr. Mohs, who was voted Minnesota’s Outstanding Family Physician in 1997, has been retired since 2006 and lives in Melrose, MN.

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